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Thanks to 2015 Volunteers

YCC 2015 is now three months past and life has returned to normal.

I wish to thank all volunteers but especially Josh Axzen, Jenni Davern, Chris Dascolos, Barb Thomas , Chris Miller and Santiago Escobar for going that extra mile by being Senior Volunteers. Santiago, Chris D., Josh, Jenni, Seija Stratton and others also ably ran the Pro Flight Finale later in August.

Senior Volunteers do much work before the event, especially the Volunteer Coordinator and they make the commitment months beforehand.

These roles change from year to year. The growth of YCC has certainly changed the nature of volunteer recruiting. In the early years, the VC could send a few emails and buttonhole his friends on league night to get the 20 or so people needed. In 2015, we needed over 100 and never got to the full count. To get even that many we used Facebook and Twitter.

For 2016, we plan to use social media for all volunteer recruiting whether for events, special projects, new Board member recruiting, growing the number of teams/schools, new coaches and anything else, really.

Please consider helping us continue this community service.

Thank you!

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Important dates and events of interest to Youth Ultimate appear on the Events Page. If you know of other relevent events that could be added to the list, please send them to Bruce Mebust.